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The 300m CCI-LC Maps (22 LCCS classes) were obtained from the processing of the full archives of the 300m MERIS and 1km SPOT-VEGETATION. Three consistent epochs centred on 2000 (1998-2002), 2005 (2003-2007) and 2010 (2008-2012) are provided. Only major LC changes were detected at 1km spatial resolution and limited to a certain number of classes. For LC change, click here
| MERIS surface reflectance
Global MERIS Surface Reflectance composite averaging all valid and cloud-free observations between 2003 and 2012, at full spatial resolution (300m).
False colours R: Near Infrared G: Red B: Green
| Water Bodies
Static map of open water bodies at 150 m spatial resolution resulting from a compilation and editions of land/water classifications: the Envisat ASAR water bodies indicator, a sub-dataset from the Global Forest Change 2000 - 2012 and the Global Inland Water product. This product is delivered at 150 m and forms class "Water Bodies" of the LC Maps after resampling to 300 m using an average algorithm.
| Land Surface Seasonality
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The NDVI product describes globally the yearly reference dynamic of the vegetation greenness characterizing the 1999-2012 period. It is derived from 1km SPOT-VEGETATION data.
The burned areas product presents the frequency at which burned areas have been detected along the year, based on observations over the 2000-2012 period. Data currently originate from the MODIS Direct Broadcast Monthly Burned Area Product (MCD64A1) at 500m.
The snow product presents the frequency at which snow has been detected along the year, based on observations over the 2000-2012 period. Data originate from the MODIS/Terra Snow Cover 8d L3 Global 500m SIN Grid Product (MOD10A2) at 500m.
| User tool
This set of tools (conversion tool, aggregation tool, subset tool) prepares data for model computation.

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2000-2005 & 2005-2010